The nine-letters word


Note the distinction betweeen this page and one's opening of The Age at the Target puzzle where a 3-by-3 array of letters represents an anagram of a nine-letter word:- [I know that you have NO interest in being told the 9-letter word for the 9-letter anagram which puzzles you. Pretend that you know nothing about a web-site such as or]

The tool for The Age 9-letter anagram

Here's the tool which displays the nine letters of the anagram in a 3-by-3 array:-

This button allows you to re-arrange the letters in the square in many ways:-
[Note that the tool offers one nothing more than some save in time and effort with pencil and paper. After all, the 9-letter word that one seeks is one of a list of some 25 thousand 9-letter words!]

Generation of a random anagram in a JavaScript Workspace

Note that the JavaScript for generating a random anagram of a given nine-letter word (for display as a 3-by-3 square) is: Here is the JavaScript for the button above (with the function permuteString(str)) defined in the source code):-

Note that the button includes an HTML form to display the output from the code.

Exercise. With successive pressings of the button are you producing new anagrams every time from the given value of digits, or, are you using every production of an anagram to produce the next anagram? Would the difference matter?

Choosing a 9-letter word randomly from a list of 9-letter words

Exercise. In the JS Workspace, immediately above or in the banner, define a short sequence of 9-letter words and add code, separately I guess, to: Exercise. Find on the WWW a 'full' list of 9-letter words, and make it available to the Javascript 'beneath' this page.

My finding lists of words began with Become a Word Game Expert which led me to a list of 9-letter words. See the local copy at list09.txt. [Ideally, I should leave the list there, and make it available to Javascript in this page by means of a link (cf the link to .js); but that would entail, I guess, AJAX, and I preferred not to involve that here. I copied the list into the textarea in the source code ! See it immediately below. With five words per line there will be about 5,000 lines (24,869 words).]


Finally, let us randomly select a word from the list, transform it randomly into an anagram, and load it into the 3-by-3 square above:-


Various tools on WWW:-

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