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Series/parallel circuits

This topic follows a track to three peaks, with optional spur tracks. It begins with a gentle climb to ParSer I followed by a steeper climb to ParSer II; then there is a saddle to visit Broeders' applet. A "Whither now?" is a guide to the peaks track.

The purpose of this chapter begins with calculations of the resistance measured across a node-pair of a small network of resistors. Examples:-

Our purpose is to tackle an arbitrarily larger network with a series/parallel structure by replacing a sequence of numerical calculations with a single numerical expression to be evaluated within JavaScript. The centrepiece of the chapter is the calculator ParSer with two versions: ParSer I for resistors, and ParSer II for resistors, inductors and capacitors (RLCs). I chose the name, ParSer, because it has two connotations: one is the series-parallel structure of the circuits; and the other is the parsing of the strings. [Note that a general circuit does not necessarily have the series-parallel structure (cf delta and wye networks).]

ParSer I and ParSer II addresses different audiences:-

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