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Harry Broeders' applet

The two versions of Broeders' applet

I have included Broeders' excellent applet because it elegantly complements ParSer II: his applet graphs the impedance between two port nodes of a circuit as a function of the frequency of the cosinusoidal input voltage to the port. There are two versions:- Let's play with the first version immediately here. For example, replace each of the "+" by "//" (and press RTN). [Eventually, do more at broeders/Broeders1.html.]

The Broeders applet can be found at various sites:- Exercise. Sketch a simple interesting RLC ciruit. Input its data to both ParSim II and Broeder's applet. Compare the numerical output of one with the graphical ouput for the other.

Exercise. What are the code steps from the input to the output of ParSer II and Broeders' applet?

Exercise. Here is a circuit which was designed to have an impedance flat over five octaves of freqency. Read the expression from the circuit and input it to Broeders' applet.

Remarks:- A grand exercise. Note the comparision between ParSer II and Broeder's applet. Then combine the two into one.

My discovery of Wolfgang Christian and Harry Broeders

There are two separate threads that eventually merge.

The first thread:-

The second thread:- The merge. It happened that Harry Broeders' applet, having received the approval and some enhancement by Wolfgang Christian, now reposes in the Davidson collection (and my local copy has undergone a little enhancement).

Wolfgang Christian at Davidson College

Note (cf Wolfgang Christian, Fu-Kwun Hwang & Walter Fendt) .

Wolfgang Christian at Davidson College:-